Cueing Connections for Workplaces to Thrive.


Introducing Connect Q

Micro-moments that make a difference.

Let's face it. Building intentional cross-cultural relationships can be exhausting for many, but it doesn't have to be. Connect Qs helps all employees take advantage of the micro-moments required to nurture deeper relationships and drive impactful change within any organization.  For everyone from CEOs to individual contributors, you can be the catalyst to cultivating solid and trustworthy connections, one question at a time. 

are looking for a simple approach to building a psychologically safe workplace.

need help starting meaningful conversations.

desire to elevate and celebrate differences.

want to transform your workplace to become an equitable employer of choice.

are excited about building stronger company morale and more profitable teams. 

Connect Qs is perfect if you....

Create a sense of belonging inside your company.  This jar comes filled with a range of light-hearted to deeper questions that promote dialogue and encourage people to open up.  Connect Qs fosters long-term impact and simplified relationship-building.

Just a question away from transformation.

Place the Connect Qs in a visible place in your workspace. When a coworker asks about them, explain what they are and ask if they'd be interested in pulling a question or more. If the answer is yes, have them draw one, and you both take turns answering (let them read and get the chance to toss it back and draw another one if they are not comfortable with the question). If a they don't inquire, and you'd like to initiate a conversation, ask if he/she/they have a few minutes and would want to pull a question.
Headed to a meeting? Connect Qs can go with you! These questions are great icebreakers. Don't be ashamed – networking doesn't come easy for everyone. Let us help you cue connections!

Leveraging Connect Qs